Cash register Olivetti competition 2007, Domus Magazine
Design: Francisco Momez Paz, Odoardo Fioravanti, Marco Zito

"The Nettuna by Francisco Gomez Paz looks like a project that
tries to integrate the functional elements into an elegant and
compact solution. All elements of the traditional cash
registers are present in this project meticulously revised to
give them totally new shape and lines, no doubt to move with
the times and with the current trends.
Odoardo Fioravanti's project instead is called Slim, and it's a
cash register with much more traditional lines and less
compact than other competing projects. Opposed to the
product by Marco Zito, which incorporated the price display
in the camera body, Odoardo Fioravanti accentuates turning
in the main element of the project."
[text from Designerblog website]