Jacques Toussaint's Artworks at
Que du Bleu, Centre Culturel Français, Milan, Italy

"If "n'y voir que du bleu" in French means common language
"does not see clearly," ... que du bleu !, the title of this exhibition
- with that load of suggestions tone - is proposed to the visitor in
antiphrasis, inviting him to dream
and immerse themselves in
their own thoughts to escape from the hard daily world.

Jacques Toussaint is a French artist who lived and worked in Italy
for many years.
On this occasion Luigi Cavadini, art critic and
curator of the exhibition, offers a path in the large gallery space
in which graphics recent papers, videos and sculptures are
integrated in a series of site-specific installations connected by
a wire
virtual blue, the color that characterizes many of his works,
and that is the true common denominator of his work.
A blue wire, which is linked to an artist's childhood memories,
when, in the yards of the French capital, the builders marked
the levels with the use of a long cord, which plunged into the
cobalt powder color and stretched between two points
pinched like a violin string, leaving the walls a clear sign of an
intense blue.

In this exhibition it becomes the underlying theme of a work
rigorously articulated through the different forms of a single language,
including graphic signs, metal reliefs and light segments tracked by
blue neon tubes.

In a space kept in semi-darkness, Jacques Toussaint, offers a journey
suggested by the combination of buildings, reliefs, blown glass - now
the mirror, now ruled by the surfaces of matter - and culminates in an
aerial installation of neon tubes where the artist
reworks the theme of
the segment that has always characterized his work."
[text from the artist' website]
See also installation's photos here