Ferrari Formaggi production and packaging plant, Ossago Lodigiano

"Innovation is in the DNA of Ferrari company, both in the packaging
technologies and in the development of new products. The firm has
never stopped to widen and diversify its offer, to be always updated
with consumers' needs and requirements.

Ferrari continuously invests in packaging technology, in order to offer
always more convenient packs with a high level of service ( doypack
stand alone packets, freshness keeper closure, open-close trays...),
able to guarantee the product's top quality.

Ferrari has been the first Italian company to offer portioned and packed
cheese on the national market during the 60's, while in the 80's has
opened the new segment of grated and fresh packed cheese with the
launch of the GranMix brand. This brand has been created to offer a wide
range of diversified products: the idea of a high quality mix is appealing,
for its alluring taste, enriched with the peculiar qualities of each cheese,
and for its easy usage.

Ferrari cheese are available in several different sizes and formats: blocks,
cubes, flakes, slices or the traditional wedges. Every laboured cheese is
then packed in the most suitable way, in order to maintain its properties
and organoleptic features.

The variety of available packs is wide: from flow packs to doy packs with
closable zip, from boxes with reclosable covers to papers for
[text from Ferrari website]