Hokusai, Gakutei, Shinsai, Frank Lloyd Wright's
Japanese surimono collection prints.
Casabella Laboratorio, 2011, Milan, Italy

"The interest that Frank Lloyd Wright fed all his life for the Japanese
art is known about it and nods are provided below.
Its activities of Surimono collector, however, became known only
twenty years ago, well after his death (1959), when, from the archives
of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in Scottsdale, has emerged a
wooden box until then ignored, containing more than 700 Japanese
prints, approximately 500 of whom qualify as Surimono.
This collection is one of the most conspicuous existing in the world
and offers the best opportunity, given the variety, scope and quality
of the works it contains, to study the art of Surimono.
The collection of Surimono of Frank Lloyd Wright, including the 75
specimens that are exposed at the CASABELLA laboratorio gallery,
was presented at the Phoenix Art Museum in 1995 where it was
printed catalog of Joan B. Mirviss, The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
of Surimono."
[text from gallery website]