Sofidel Paper Mill & Paper Factory

Paper Production and Converting

Sofidel produces and markets tissue paper,
namely paper 
for hygienic or domestic use,
in and away from the home: 
toilet paper,
kitchen paper, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs,

tissues, etc.

The companies in the group oversee the
production process, from tissue production
to processing, 
all the way to the finished product.
The entire production chain, like any other type
of company activity, is required to comply with
the principles of sustainability that are the basis
of the entire Sofidel value creating system. 

An objective carried out through numerous
channels, which 
include policies for the responsible
procurement of raw materials from forest resources,
the contained use of water, and a reduction in
climate-altering gas emissions, a reduction
in waste and the promotion of responsible
consumption through the development of
innovative products.

1 - From the virgin pulp warehouse to our loading belts

The virgin pulp bales are picked up from the
warehouse and 
placed on loading belts and sent
to the "pulpers" where the 
fibres are processed
to create different types of paper.

2 – Pulp preparation in pulpers

Long-fibre virgin pulp to produce strong kitchen
paper and 
short-fibre to produce soft toilet paper...
the ideal pulp is 
achieved in the hot water in the
pulpers, which is then 
homogenised and transferred
to the Paper Machine.

3 - Jumbo roll formation

The mixture is blown onto a screen, and then
placed on 
felt, which carries it to a enormous
cast iron or steel (Yankee) 
cylinder that is
100° centigrade. Here, hoods blow hot air (450°)

to dry the sheet, which is then rolled up to form
the jumbo roll.

 Product safety and hygiene also
continue in Paper Factories
The jumbo rolls of
tissue paper are converted at the paper factories
into Sofidel products used by millions of people
around the world every day.