The Waterstone, Expo Milan 2015
Michele De Lucchi Architect

"In the Expo pavilion, Intesa Sanpaolo presents its services
and products in an environment concerned with the themes
of sustainable and responsible development. The facility stands
in a centrally key position along the east-west route and close to
its intersection with the south-north road.
It is an evocative construction, resembling three polished stones
with four waterfalls cascading between their connections.
The lamellar wood bearing frame comprises nine large, arched
portals at five-metre intervals. Wooden beams and boards
join the portals and leave the wood framework unfaced like the
inside of a large barn. Two superimposed walls protect the outer
shell: the inner one in wood protects against rain and wind, the
outer one shades and shapes the building. Between the walls a
cavity is formed in which air rises by natural induction to prevent
heat from penetrating. The outer cladding is in white tiles distanced
to create empty spaces for natural lighting.
At night, a LED system creates an interesting lighting engineering
effect between the tiles.The interior is on two levels.
The ground floor accommodates the general public, with an
innovative branch offering the latest updated services, and a
multimedia artistic installation by Studio Azzurro representing the
bank’s commitment to a cultural and social environment.
Located on the upper level are spaces allocated to events
and meetings with businesses."
[text from amdl website]