Public art in Milan

The photographic project investigates the formation of
the cultural imaginary with respect to what is "public space",
and what is "public art".
With "public art" we refer to works of art in any form,
designed and executed with the specific intention of being
placed in public places, usually outdoor and accessible to all.
Photographs aim to show contemporary works in their
urban context, stimulating reflections on how the work
reflects or does not reflect the identity of the place,
is experienced as a work for the community, is appropriate
to the space it occupies, and its conservation, its time of stay, etc..
The context in which the works are placed is part of the city,
for this reason the dialogue with the surrounding environment
is highlighted: the works of art in fact add visual quality to
a built environment, and a careful urban design strategy
promotes a higher level of integration between art,
architecture and landscape.

This project was born with the intent to show art placed
in the spaces available to citizens, whose social role is often
not perceived. The work can be in a place that is very frequented,
or little, can be experienced physically, or simply watched.
The context in which these works are placed is part of the city,
which is why the dialogue with the surrounding environment
is emphasized, and this last aspect is sometimes emphasized
with human presences, rarefied, ghostly, passing through,
or admiring the place.