Milan Rises

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The “Milan Rises” project has its intent in comparing the different tower realizations of Milanese buildings over the course of a century.

The towers of City Life and Porta Nuova are the most striking and well-known vertical constructions, especially among young people, also because of the large collective spaces at their base: parks, stores, shopping malls.

But the history of “Vertical Milan” dates back almost a century: the Snia Viscosa Tower is, in fact, the first building of 15 floors and 60 meters, built in the city center, although already in 1923 the two twin towers of Piazza Piemonte, 38 meters, were built in derogation of the regulatory plan that imposed a limit of 28 meters in height to the buildings, and towering over the Milanese landscape were nicknamed “the skyscrapers of Piazza Piemonte”.

But it was especially in the ’50s and ’60s that the most beautiful vertical buildings were erected in Milan, the Breda Tower, the Galfa Tower, the Pirelli Skyscraper, just to name a few, great examples of “Syntactic Architecture”: “The name Architettura Sintattica indicates a particular meaning of the modern, in which the composition oscillates from architecture as an object, full and defined, to its decomposition through systemic and serial experimentation, coining a completely original Milanese version of the modern language, still practiced in cities around the world. ” [Cit. https://www.padiglionearchitettura.it]